Enhancing Employee Well-Being & Collaboration:

The Power of Coworking Spaces at VCO

Employees and employers face a challenge: how to optimize hybrid work policies to maximize benefits for both sides, including reducing the debilitating effects of employee loneliness. Remote and hybrid work can exacerbate feelings of loneliness among employees. However, rushing employees back to the office is not the solution. A better option is to think beyond the office or home locations and consider coworking spaces as “third spaces” for work.

In a survey of 819 employees working in office roles, coworking spaces showed promise in addressing employee loneliness. Respondents reported that working from a coworking site was more socially fulfilling than working from the office or home. One such coworking space, Vintage City Offices, Union County’s premier coworking space, offers the perfect environment for employees to thrive and connect with professionals from different companies.

Coworking spaces enable employees to relationally craft their jobs by customizing the people with whom they engage during the workday. These spaces offer benefits such as avoiding unnecessary interactions with colleagues, a variety of available relationship partners, and a respite from competitive office dynamics. Vintage City Offices, with its carefully curated community and supportive atmosphere, goes above and beyond to create an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and well-being.

To optimize coworking space use, employers can take the following steps:

  • Educate employees about the benefits: Share information about the advantages of coworking, including the opportunities for relational job crafting, increased productivity, work-life separation, data security, and ergonomic work setups. 
  • Provide stipends for coworking memberships: Consider offering a company stipend to cover coworking fees, as it can be a valuable incentive for employees to utilize coworking spaces more frequently. 
  • Mitigate the convenience trap of working from home: Assist employees in transitioning to coworking spaces by providing practical support such as extra power cords and noise-canceling headsets. Additionally, offer parking and commuting discounts to encourage employees to step out of their homes regularly and experience a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Support participation in relational programming: Encourage employees to participate in coworking space activities and events organized by the space. By providing incentives such as per diems or continuing education credits, employers can motivate their employees to take advantage of the valuable networking and professional development opportunities available.
  • Provide training and guidance: Offer training and tutorials to help employees develop interpersonal skills necessary for building strong professional relationships. Coworking spaces can serve as a safe environment for employees to practice and expand their networks, while employers can collaborate with the coworking space to tailor training programs specifically to their employees’ needs.

Coworking spaces offer a viable solution to combat employee loneliness and enhance social interaction in a work-friendly environment. By embracing coworking and implementing the recommended steps, organizations can create a vibrant workforce that benefits both individuals and the company as a whole. Vintage City Offices, Union County’s premier coworking space, exemplifies the value of coworking in fostering employee well-being, performance, and meaningful connections. Experience the difference at Vintage City Offices and unlock the full potential of your hybrid work strategy.

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